Scandinavian Elegance

In 1972 DAN SKAN was the first company to sell Scandinavian ‘warm furniture made from steel’ in Germany. Shortly afterwards, our stoves went into production with designs by architect Gerd Heybey.

Combining beauty with utility is a DAN SKAN tradition which the latest Modern Line, with its innovative engineering and fresh design by architect Heiko Heybey, Gerd’s son, also adheres to.

The fewest fine particles and the greatest efficiency is our goal as a family business – both stoves and environmental protection are very close to our hearts. As a result DAN SKAN have developed many innovations, shaped the stove industry thinking and along the way created many iconic design

Even today, despite globalisation, DAN SKAN focus on sustainable development and quality of production from Denmark. For more than 40 years our stoves have not only warmed houses and rooms but also peoples’ hearts!

Warm regards

The Heybey Family

Lighting and stoking guide

Instruction how to fire and refill our woodburning IHS™ stove. In this short video we show you how to easily burn and re-fill your DAN SKAN-stove with IHS™ and give you tipps how to burn saving wood and money as well as to improve air quality in and around your home

Before starting

DAN SKAN - Before starting




Remote controll

DAN SKAN - Remote controll